Mickleover Primary Case Study

Mickleover Primary have been with L.E.A.D. IT Services for over 5 years now. The school currently receive two half days of on-site support throughout the week. Within this, they are also given access to our helpdesk system. This allows them to register issues before the technician arrives on site which helps to resolve the turnaround of the issue as the technician can arrange to bring extra kit or orders items to support the visit. Not only does it support on site visits, should the teacher require urgent help the tickets are picked up by the helpdesk team who can arrange remote support to help the user there and then. This helps to solve problems sooner, but also act on any issues that may be widespread issues in the school. Should the school require it, we can alternate the on-site visit to support during OFSTED inspections. For us, we know some schools like to have a technician on site to ensure smooth running of IT equipment.

In addition to the service, the school also receives anti-virus to all devices. This helps to keep all users safe when browsing the internet or checking emails.

We also install Safeguarding tools which helps us to keep students safe and ensure any alerts are picked up. It also prevents users from accessing any websites or information that is not suitable for them. The school have also had included the use of a classroom monitoring tool. Not only does it provide safeguarding, it allows for classroom involvement. The software helps aid logging on for younger students, as well as being able to demonstrate tasks which would normally involve having to crowd around one board or one screen. Users can sit at their own machines and watch the demonstration the teacher completes on their computer. Teachers can also block internet access for that lesson, add keywords and links for students to access without having to copy them down wrong or keep asking, as well as locking their screens to ensure their attention isn’t diverted when the teacher is explaining tasks, aims or summaries.

Mickleover Primary School have moved to internet phones. The phones are very easy to use and can be swapped throughout the school through the phone system. The phone system provides a range of options, including voicemail, auto attendant, hunt groups and opening/closing hours.  Each school uses it differently, but this school has benefited from the use of the absence line as all messages left can be accessed via the phone or via email, to ensure no message is missed. We can set these up to suit your school and can help to provide a range of options that you may find suitable. There is always a fear that with internet phones, if you lose internet then you lose your phones. Here at Mickleover Primary School, we have installed a backup line. Should you lose internet, the phones will still be working thanks to the backup line. As the costs for the subscription and handset are low and the line relies on internet, the school saves money by using these new VOIP phones.